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Custom Work

Our company features a full metal fabrication shop devoted to making retail displays.

Our focus is creating high density solutions that make your store or warehouse more effective and efficient. Products are typically powder coated for durability and easy cleaning. Protoypes will typically look like a production unit as we have powder coating capability on site. Typical runs can be anything from 1 to 1000 units at a time. 

Past projects have included:

  • 8x8ft sliding pegboard panel storage for gaskets in Mack truck dealerships
  • Fixture to display door handles on the side of an end cap Gondola
  • Tip-out bin Fuse displays in electical supply wholesalers
  • Sliding multi-panel inventory control 36ft long with over 82ft of storage
  • Sample products mounted in Tip-out bins for display only with no user access. (customers don't take the display part if they need the last one). Featured in  Rona accross Canada.
  • Floor stands for Tip-Out bins in non-stock heights.

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Custom Work

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